Anglicanorum coetibus

Everyone is blogging about the Apostolic Constitution.  I really want to write something insightful and interesting, but the below will have to do.

In the first place, I stand in awe of the Holy Father’s generosity in producing such a document which is so broad and full of possibilities.  And yet, the whole thing is very difficult to come to terms with for, although I would not say I was a reluctant convert, I was given to believe that part of becoming Catholic was to embrace a certain – how can I say it? – understanding or culture which is part of Catholic life (in the Northern parts of these islands at least).  This I have never yet been able to do, and the result has been a sense of being somewhat inadequate: my standards and approaches, what I think of as important (and what I don’t), and which really come from having be raised and nourished on High Anglicanism and then as a committed member of the Anglo-Catholic “movement” in the Church in Wales, either seem “snobbish” or difficult or odd and are put down to the fact that I am a “convert” (I don’t really like the word).  Because I already accepted nearly everything proposed in the pages of the Catechism for our belief, and because my liturgical and personal prayer life were formed and nourished by a rich Catholic tradition, “conversion” meant to me one essential thing: to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church of all times and places by communion with the Holy See.  Enjoying Irish culture, becoming a drinker of Scotch instead of gin, or plastic statues of the Virgin did not come into it.

In light of all that, the fact that membership of the Ordinariates will (in normal run of things) consist of both Anglicans who come en masse with organisations like Forward in Faith (should this occur) and Anglicans who have already been received into the full communion of the Catholic Church (AC I§4) throws up many possibilities and yet also dilemmas and difficulties.  All I can do now, I suppose, is wait and pray.  In many respects I wish that, perhaps, perhaps, I had learned that skill some years ago.

The following comments were left on the original iWeb version of this entry:

Hestor said: Interesting how there is no force from Rome (unlike with some other groups) to celebrate the Novus Ordo. Perhaps the Vatican is learning the real meaning of university in diversity?

Berenike said: Whisky is superior to gin per se and absolutely, and I am hugely attached to my miniature glow-in-the-dark glitter snowglobe of Our Lady of Lourdes, it is clearly of the essence of Latin-rite spirituality, but paddocrappery and tweedery/ginnery are simply socio-cultural phenomena. If it cheers you up, there are Catholics out there who roll their eyes at both 🙂 I know  an American chap who left the Carmelites in England mid-noviciate because he couldn’t cope with the paddocrappery that seemed to be part of their spirichewality! And I know a Canadian who seems to have converted to tweedery just as her Anglo-Catholic husband-to-be converted to Catholicism 🙂


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