Venerable Pius XII & John Paul II

The heroic virtues of the great popes Pius XII and John Paul II were officially recognised by the promulgation by Pope Benedict of a decree of the congregation for the causes of saints.  The next stage of course is that a miracle attributed to their intercession be recognised in a similar way.  Deo gratias!



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2 responses to “Venerable Pius XII & John Paul II

  1. Robert Canfield

    I was wondering where you got the image of John Paul II with the wind blowing his vestments. I am working on a postcard for the John Paul the Great Legacy Project. I wanted to use that image but was worried about copyright issues. Where can I get permission to use it?

  2. It is just one of my “collection” and I haven’t got any record of where it came from, I’m afraid. I am rather lacklustre when it comes to copyright issues with images from the internet unless there is something specified in the image itself or the website from which I collect it. I wish I could help you out, I really do, as it is a splendid image!

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