I must admit a momentary lapse in judgement as I watched Tony Blair in front of the Chilcott enquiry on Friday.  I thought, briefly, “God, I do wish he was still PM!”.  Tony Blair always has that effect on  me.  Although I really don’t like him, whenever I hear him he always takes me in.  But it soon passes.  My sense that he has been somewhat hardly treated over his non, je ne regrette rien has not, however.  If he really believes his actions were right (I do not agree about that) then it would be very wrong for him to regret sending soldiers to die.  Such is the lot of ruler, or of a Prime Minister with the powers of a King.



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2 responses to “Blair

  1. Blair gave a performance at the inquiry – probably partially for the benefit of his own conscience, which must from time to time rear up and accuse him in the depths of night. I hope so anyhow.

  2. He gave one of the greatest performances of his life (and that is saying something in his case). But I doubt he is doing much tossing and turning tonight, or any night, unfortunately.

    Thanks for the comment, I have added your blog to the blogroll!

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