Demons in the Vatican!

There is an interesting story on CNS about “Satanic influence in the Vatican”.  It is worth reading, as is the discussion going on over at What does the Prayer Really Say? the blog which first alerted me to the piece.  It is my opinion, however, that there is “Satanic influence” everywhere; nevertheless I do not believe that it is always manifested in the ways which we traditionally associate with demonic activity.   And certainly the more common kind of “Satanic influence” does not require an exorcist.

I am not sure I am convinced Satanic influence has infiltrated the Vatican; at least not more than one would find among any group of humans and probably much less.  However, it is also my conviction that the work of Satan may often be aided most effectively by those who have no ideas whatever about him or about assisting in his failed attempt to enthrone himself as the Emperor of the World.  Indeed, his wish is to create what C. S. Lewis correctly termed “the materialist magician”; that is to say a person who while “vaguely worshipping what he calls forces” does not have any belief in the real God.  The world of today is filled with such people, in a way it never has been before, because the social and scientific circumstances in which they can be created has never before existed.

It would be rather naïf to suppose that the modern world had not, at least in part, been directed into existence by Satan as part of his abysmal plan to conquer the human race in which he persists despite being certainly aware that his defeat has already taken place, in order to produce just such a man.  Yet Satan is not the Lord of History, but Christ.  And we might, therefore, be equally certain that the kind of men Christ wished to bring into existence by his Incarnation and Resurrection, also are to be found everywhere.  These, of course, are the Saints; some canonised and immediately recognisable, others secret and “in their own rooms”, so to speak, watched over by the Father “who sees what is done in secret”.  And, I am absolutely certain, that saints of both kinds are to be found in the Vatican.  But that, of course, is hardly a point of controversy and would not, I suppose, sell as many books.


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