Wonders of the Solar System

I really get pissed off with the BBC news (as anyone who read my post Anti-Catholicism the other day will realise).  However, they do often produce excellent documentaries and at the moment Tropic of Cancer and, in particular, Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Solar System are really strikingly good.

I’ve just watched the first two episodes of Cox’s programme (which I had recorded) one after the other they were so good.  Fascinating insights into the origins of the solar system through the study of Saturn’s rings in the second episode and thrilling exposition of the power and magnificence of the star which rules a vast (well, from our point of view) “empire” of space in the first.  Professor Brian Cox’s enthusiasm is infectious, and maybe it will inspire more people to take an interest in physics which surely has to be one of the most fascinating disciplines.  He is also good looking and remarkably well preserved for a man of forty two and that doesn’t do any harm in creating a view of science which is young and a bit cool in a charmingly geeky way.  His own website is here and you can take a look at the programme’s website too.


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