The Holy Father in Britain

Thanks be to the Most Holy Trinity and to the All Holy Virgin (and the people at Alitalia, of course), the Holy Father has arrived safely in the UK.  The Telegraph (which has declared, unlike some other newspapers, itself on the side of good and supports the Pope’s visit) has a good, “live” blog feed.  There was also an excellent article in the printed version by Michael Burleigh yesterday which can now be read online here (though I advise ignoring many of the “comments” which really are just trash – interactivity has many cons).

I hope to blog something later.  Now it is here, I am quite sad that I am unable to attend any of the events, particularly as Birmingham is not far away.  Still, it is probably just as well as I appear to be developing man-flu (i.e. a bad head-cold), and no doubt will end up spending the weekend tucked up with Benedict on TV and my collection of Newman which I’ve brought down from the bookshelves in readiness!

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