Blessed John Henry Newman

I would like to write something about my personal relationship with Newman, who has been an important part of my life since I was a teenager, but sadly that will have to wait until tomorrow when I have a little more time.  However, I couldn’t let today pass by without marking the occasion with a blog-entry.  What a wonderful and happy day: Cardinal Newman raised to the altars!  I have, of course, been glued to coverage of the Pope’s trip, but watching and hearing him make the declaration of beatification today was especially moving.  The Archbishop of Liverpool said he had a “lump in his throat” and I’m sure he implied a tear in his eye.  I felt the same, as the Pope said, “By Our Apostolic authority We declare that the Venerable Servant of God John Henry, Cardinal Newman, priest of the Congregation of the Oratory, shall henceforth be invoked as Blessed…”, and then as the strains of the beautiful arrangement of Newman and the words of Newman’s most famous poem sounded across the park (for me, from my television speakers!).  More tomorrow, Deo volente!



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2 responses to “Blessed John Henry Newman

  1. Patricia St Clair

    Thank you for your blog, you have hit the nail on the head…..I must also say a very big thank you to Sky News for their wonderful and complete coverage of our Holy Father’s trip

  2. Thanks for the kind comment.

    I agree that Sky News coverage was far superior to that of the BBC, and a bit more “British” in feel than the offerings from EWTN – which of course also had its merits!

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