Petition against the destruction of Freedom of Conscience in Europe

The Council of Europe intends to begin to undermine the freedom of conscience of medical professionals, in order to, as it is said, ensure “the responsibility of the profession” and the availability of a “treatment” which has been defined by this same Council of Europe as a “human right”.  That “procedure” is the abortion or in the politically correct language termination.  The concern of the politicians is that doctors and others are becoming more and more disinclined to support abortion on demand: but the real question which should be asked is not “How can we force doctors to proceed with abortion on demand?” but the more reflexive one: “Why are so many medical professionals’ consciences moved to defend life in the womb?”

Of course, the “agenda” of those proposing this measure is not interested in such a question.  And in fact the decision of the Council will not be binding on member states.  But it nevertheless demonstrates the direction of travel which those at the heart of the European project, founded with at least some attention to the Catholic and Christian heritage of this continent, wish for it to take.

In light of this I ask any readers – believers or unbelievers – who value freedom of conscience as one of the truly fundamental human rights and marks of humanity, to sign this petition, which is an effort to send a message to the Council of Europe that it has taken a wrong turning and must, as body, turn back and begin again.


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