Gospel of 33rd Sunday of the Year

I realised late last night that I hadn’t posted my translation of Sunday’s Gospel.  The reason I hadn’t posted it was that I hadn’t written it!  Very lax of me.  It is quite a long passage, but, here goes:

And some were speaking about the Temple, with its stones most beautiful and its sacred gifts adorned.  He said, “These things which you all see, there will come days when not stone upon stone will be left which will not be loosed one from another.”

They then questioned him, saying, “Teacher, when, therefore will these things be?  And what the sign when they are about to take place?”  And he said, “Look to it that you should not all be deceived.  Many will come in my name saying, ‘I am’ and ‘The time is close at hand!’  Do not follow after them.  When you hear you are making enemies and there is instability, do not be afraid!  It is necessary for these things to come to pass first, but not straightway to the consummation.”

Then he said to them, “Roused will be nation against nation, dominion against dominion, earthquakes both great and in many different places.  Starvations and sicknesses there will be, fearful both, and from heaven great signs.  First, though, upon you they will lay their hands, and they will hunt you, handing you over to the synagogues, and to guards to be led away into the presence of kings and governors on account of my name.  It will prove to be for your martyrdom.  Keep, therefore, in your hearts, that you will not prepare a defence.  I will give to you a mouth and wisdom, which to stand against or gainsay all of those opposed to you will not be able.  You will be handed over also by begetters and brothers, and kinsmen and confidantes, and they will put some of you to death; you will be hated by all because of my name.  Yet a hair from your head may by no means perish.  In your endurance you will win your souls.”

Luke, 21:5-19.


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