We should enjoy the Royal Wedding, not get into a miserly row about money!

In a slight change of theme, the Telegraph reports that Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s wedding will “cost the economy” (whatever that means) five billions.  And?  I mean, heaven forfend that he British people should have an extra Bank Holiday!  After all, without putting too fine a point on it, having a Royal Family is just for such a purpose as enjoying an extra days holiday to watch or listen to their weddings, coronations and funerals.  A constitutional monarchy is not just a convenient way to have a Head of State; it is a “microcosm” of its people, and we are its “extended family”.  So, stuff Stephen Alambritis and all these calculations about lost money (how they can work it out I don’t know), and enjoy having out spirits lifted by something good to do with our leaders for a change, because, to paraphrase the MasterCard commercial: “Royal Wedding: priceless”.


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