Popule meus, quid feci tibi?

Quia eduxi te de terra Aegypti: parasti Crucem Salvatori tuo.

For that I led thee forth out of the land of Egypt: thou hast prepared a Cross for thy Saviour.

Quia eduxi te per desertum quadraginta annis: et manna cibavi te, et introduxi te in terram satis bonam: parasti Crucem Salvatori tuo.

For that I led thee through the desert forty years: and with manna fed thee, and brought thee into a land of plentious good: thou hast prepared a Cross for thy Saviour.

Quid ultra debui facere tibi, et non feci? Ego quidem plantavi te vineam meam speciosissimam: et tu facta es mihi nimis amara; aceto namque sitim meam potasti, et lancea perforasti latus Salvatori tuo.

What further thing might I have done for thee, and not done?  I indeed planted thee, my most beautiful vine: and yet thou hast become bitter to me beyond measure; sour for my thirst to drink, and with a lance hast pierced thy Saviour’s side.

Ego propter te flagellavi Aegyptum cum primogenitis suis: et tu me flagellatum tradidisti.

I for thy sake flagellated Egypt together with her firstborn: and thou me deliver to flagellation.

Ego eduxi te de Aegypto, demerso Pharaone in mare rubrum: et tu me tradidìsti principibus Sacerdotum.

I led thee up out of Egypt, drowning Pharaoh in the red sea: and thou me deliver to the Chief Priests.

Ego ante te aperui mare: et tu aperuisti lancea latus meum.

I went before thee cleaving the sea: and thou my side with a lance dost cleave.

Ego ante te praeivi in columna nubis: et tu me duxisti ad praetorium Pilati.

I went before thee in a pillar of cloud: and thou me lead to the hall of Pilate.

Ego te pavi manna per desertum: et tu me caecidisti alapis, et flagellis.

I thee fed with manna in the desert: and thou me struck with blows, and scourge.

Ego te potavi aqua salutis de petra: et tu me potasti felle, et aceto.

I thee of saving water from the rock gave drink: and thou to drink gave me of gall, and vinegar.

Ego propter te Chananaeorum Reges percussi: et tu percussisti arundine caput meum.

I for thy sake the Kings of the Canaanites struck: and thou strike with a reed my head.

Ego dedi tibi sceptrum regale: et tu dedisti capiti med spineam coronam.

I gave thee a royal sceptre: and thou set upon my head a crown of thorns.

Ego te exaltavi magna virtute: et tu me suspendisti in patibulo Crucis.

I thee exalted with great virtue: and thou me hang upon the gibbet of the Cross.

Popule meus, quid feci tibi? aut in quo constristavi te? responde mihi.

Oh my people, what have I done to thee?  Or by what have I offended thee? Answer thou me.

Latin words courtesy of here.  The English translation is my own.


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