Bin Laden’s Death

What of it?  Are we really to believe that the source of all evil was residing in a man in a $1,000,000 “compound” (this means a sort of mansion with a big garden, a wall and probably some personal militia)?  No, surely.  It is like a weed of which the surface stem has been removed but where the roots remain intact, and will, in time produce not one but many shoots.  The roots, that is to say the worldview, the faith, which produced Bin Laden remains intact: indeed, is strengthened by this kind of death.

Quite apart from my revulsion at the likes of Paris Hilton rejoicing on Twitter that she is “so happy” Bin Laden is dead, the American idea that their “greatest enemy” has been vanquished in this death, is a false hope volting to the point of idiocy.  The Western media also has no understanding whatever of Islam.  To them, it might as well be the Church of England.  What I mean is, Muslim behaviour and reaction is predicted on a measure totally alien to Muslim culture.  They cannot understand religion at all, not even Christianity.  Still less can they understand Islam as a cultural force, no matter how many individual Muslims they talk to.  So, we will be hearing a lot of things like “more Muslims have died in the troubles originating with al Qaeda than Westerners – Bin Laden is not all that popular”  and “his supporters are only a small minority” etc.  Both true, but not the complete truth.

The way the death has been handled is also shoddy.  The basest Mediaeval man would understand that to kill someone as significant as Osama in private, and then to dispose of his body so quickly, would not really satisfy the whole point of putting him to death.  Although perhaps we have no stomach for public executions, Bin Laden’s remains should certainly have been returned to the US and displayed – unless of course they made such a bad job that he was no longer recognisable.

Perhaps we might at least reflect that one chapter of one book in the disastrous history  of the post-Reformation West is closed with this death, but little more.

[Writing this post, I have typed “Obama” instead of “Osama” half a dozen times.  Oh dear.]


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