Pope didn’t use glass!!

Fr Blake reports on his blog that the Pope didn’t use glass.  Thank goodness.  It would probably have been picked up by some as an approval of something forbidden.  But since by the far the majority of priests don’t take any notice whatever of the liturgical practices of our good Pope, I don’t suppose it would have made much difference.

And I do wonder what will become of these glass vessels now?  Will they be put into a museum in some cathedral crypt (please God)?  Or will they end up being inflicted on some unsuspecting congregation somewhere in the Veneto?

We have earthenware vessels in our parish.  Alas!  They are not even in the league for beauty and craftsmanship of the Venetian glass the Holy Father didn’t use; but every Sunday the Most Holy Body and the Most Precious Blood of our Lord and God and Saviour Jesus Christ are held in them.  As such, I have nothing against them, inasmuch as if there were there no other possibility, they would be acceptable.  But there are alternatives.  And worst of all, they could easily be broken!


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