Gormenghast continued

Apparently, a fourth Gormenghast or Titus book will be published this year.  I also read with interest that the BBC’s year 2000 mini-series, an adaptation of the first two of Peake’s novels, is to be broadcast again this Summer.  Since I am rather a fan of all things “counter, original, spare, strange”, it is quite predictable of me to like Peake’s writing.  This latest publication was apparently written or edited by Peake’s widow, Maeve Gilmoure, and is to include numerous as yet unseen illustrations.  I remember when I read Gormenghast and Titus Groan for the first time (it was just before the first broadcast of the TV series), and my own writing, particularly my descriptive writing which had always been fairly good, leapt into a new dimension.  Even now when I read back over material from the early 2000s, the Peakish influence is very marked and gives a very distinct flavour to everything from that period.

The TV series is also quite remarkable work of art, with a very worthy cast (Ian Richardson (RIP), Celia Imrie, Jonathan Rhys Meyers (better looking without the American teeth and buffed up body), John Sessions, June Brown, Zoe Wannamaker, Christopher Lee, Fiona Shaw, an ancient Spike Milligan et al), the first really great use of CGI effects on television, music by two great composers (Richard Rodney Bennett and John Taverner) and a fine screenplay.

At any rate, I look forward to Titus Awakes, which is published at the end of this month.


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