Fr Hunwicke

What deeply distressing news about Fr Hunwicke’s ordination to the (Roman) Catholic priesthood (he is in my prayers, that goes without saying). I am at a loss to understand it, given his fairly mainline opinions and his perfectly simple, untroubled personal life. What a mystery – and what a blow for the Ordinariate, which needs men of Fr Hunwicke’s character and calibre if it is to be more than just (I am sure most enjoyable) party for lovers of Gin and French. I think the news will also be very damaging to the trust of those Anglican priests thinking about joining the Ordinariate who have not yet done so, and it will certainly encourage many to question (probably with good reason) whether they can trust the bishops of the (Roman) Catholic Church any more than the Anglican ones. Fr Hunwicke ends his post ¡venceremos! – we will overcome… wont we?


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