Nova creatura

Si qua ergo in Christo nova creatura vetera transierunt ecce facta sunt nova.

I have decided to break with the past of this blog, mostly because I feel it has deviated a long way from my original intention.  It has become a forum mostly for me to complain about things: whether they are in the Church or otherwise.  That is not healthy and has never been something I set out intellectually to achieve, it is not reasonable, and does not win anything spiritually.  So, while I intend to keep blogging, there will be no more whining commentary on “current affairs” in the life of the Church.  I do not promise I will never mention everyday happenings, only that I will focus on translation, Scripture, prayer, meditation and in general the reason for the Christian faith – our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  So, as S. Paul says so eloquently in his Second Letter to the Church at Corinth (5:17):

If therefore anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature, the old has passed away and behold all things are new.



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2 responses to “Nova creatura

  1. Jordan

    I feel the same temptation on my blog- to turn into a forum for complaining and for venting my own personal frustrations, often when the Church does not live up to my idea/ fantasy of the Catholic Faith. The state of the Church is what it is, but I can not say that I did not receive grace through it from my earliest days, neither that it hasn’t profoundly shaped me for the good. God bless.

  2. Jordan, I simply love your blog. You write so well, so incisively and insightfully, so movingly. I may say that I always feel enriched after reading your stuff! So, thank you for taking the time to post a comment… oh and for putting a link to me on your blog too :o)

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