Ordinariate group for Wales? Hopefully…

Although I have had one or two doubts about the Ordinariate of our Lady of Walsingham, I was very pleased to read in the latest e-mail update from the website in which there are details of a meeting to take place at Belmont Abbey on November 5th (what an interesting date!!) “to start the process of exploration and discernment for those interested in knowing more about the Ordinariate”.  Wonderful stuff; not only do Catholics in Wales need all the help we can get, but so do the Anglo-Catholics who are still members of the Church in Wales.  I really hope and pray that the project gets off the ground.  Please pray for the Ordinary, Msgr. Keith Newton, and for Fr. Jonathan Redvers-Harris, who will lead the day, and for any Church in Wales priests who attend, that something good will come out of it for them.

At the same time, I am yet to hear of any Anglicans who have already been received into the Church (such as me!) joining the Ordinariate.  This is something I would really like to see happen!


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