Is it too much to hope?

Is it too much to hope that the recent “prediction” of the French press reported at Rorate Caeli is correct?  I really can only pray that it is not (not too much to hope, I mean: for clarity, I hope it is true!).  For if it is true that tomorrow we will see some sort of official “declaration” by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, with the full approval of the Holy See that only “what has been foundational to the Catholic faith for twenty centuries is considered fundamental for communion with the Holy See, and not the interpretation from the last Council to this day” then a service will have been done not only in the direction of the Society but also of all who love Tradition and indeed of the Catholic Faith itself.  It would, of course, be watered-down as much as can be acheived by some of the Church’s teachers.  Let us not dwell on that.  Rather, I simply pray that reconciliation between the Priestly Fraternity of S. Pius X and the Catholic Church is finally achieved; but, the Lord’s will be done, above all, Deo volente, oremus Deus vult.


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