Following some, erm, unfortunate posts on blogs I link to, I felt a disclaimer coming on.  I can’t really keep it to myself  (the clue is the “claim” part).  I am a believer in freely being able to express oneself, so long as one does so within the bounds of natural decency and moral rectitude (no etymological pun intended); I also get some benefit from reading many different kinds of blogs with differing points of view (except those which are blatantly heterodox, which in fact only ever do harm).  Nevertheless, I obviously do not go down the road with everything I read everywhere, even when I might have a strong affinity for the writer’s point of view.  In particular I hate discourtesy, and I think that, in a public forum, we should do our best to remain recollected and charitably kind even to those we may dislike or even hate (I do not, of course, suggest we must be nice to them, as “nice” has nothing to do with courtesy and even less to do with charity or kindness).  Anyway, the main point of this wittering is: I link to blogs of all kinds, I don’t write them, and I don’t necessarily agree with them!


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