We hand on that which we have received

May I ask readers to pray earnestly for the good outcome of the meeting taking place to study to Roman proposal to the Society of St Pius X?  Please take a look at the link here if you have not already read the story at Rorate Caeli.  As with any reconciliation there are most likely difficulties ahead, but it seems to me essential, especially at this moment in history, that the witness of those who love Tradition (by which I do not simply mean the vesture, the manuals, the neo-Thomism of the era of the first part of the twentieth century, but the fidelity to the Church of all times and places) must find a home and a strong voice in the everyday life of the Church which is so full of turmoil and confusion.  A clarion call to arms – spiritual and temporal – is needed in the Church of today, and, perhaps, the SSPX – fully reconciled to communion with Rome – will be able to lead it.  There is, of course, danger as many have already said (and illustrated with the totems so commonly brought out to prove it – the alteration of a Good Friday prayer, the possibility of introducing the newer saints in the older calendar, etc., etc.) but these issues are minor (the Extraordinary Form cannot, should not, be frozen – indeed what we must wish is that the legitimate will of the Second Vatican Council be done in terms of the Liturgy as a whole) and the danger of remaining aloof from the broader life of the Church is no less dangerous, for it may be that in remaining “outside” while it keeps one safe from the bad influences “inside” one dies from the cold anyway.

So, I will be offering as many rosaries as I can.  And, above all, praying that the Lord’s will, which always cares providentially for his People, for the life of his holy Church, may be done in this and in all things.


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